Tam Gannon

Tam Gannon

Designer | Jeweller | Metalsmith


I have been prototyping the ‘Divided’ ring on and off since 2014, with the aim to create a range of Tension Set rings that are more ‘industrial’ in design and a contrast to my more ‘organic’ Tension Set rings from the late 1990’s.

Tension Setting is a form of setting stones by using compression, creating the illusion that the stone is floating.
It is a relatively new technique, being only developed in the 1960s.
It first caught my attention in the early ’90s while I was studying at university, and has since become one of my signature ways to present stones in my rings.

The ‘Divided’ ring features a stunning Trilliant cut Queensland parti Sapphire that is Tension Set into a Titanium shank, which has a two tone finished.

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Silver, Teflon, Titanium





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