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Star Tension

ITEM: Ring
TITLE: Star Tension
MATERIALS: Titanium, Silver, Star Sapphire
PRICE: On application
MEASUREMENTS: 7mm at widest
NOTES: More and more of late, I am getting commissions by brides who are wanting to forego their traditional engagement ring, preferring instead to combine their wedding/engagement ring into a single ring.
I really enjoy this combined style, as I feel it permits a little more freedom in design and an overall emphisis on the stone.

I was lucky to find this rare and very stunning 6 rayed, 1.97ct oval blue Madagascan Star Sapphire.
Sapphires, and in particular Star Sapphires, are my favourite gem, so when the opportunity came along to incorporate this stunning stone I couldn’t resist!

I have been working on this design of ring for many years now – bezel setting gems and then tension setting them into a Titanium shank.

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