Tam Gannon

Tam Gannon

Designer | Jeweller | Metalsmith


  1. add new media category if required
  2. upload all product images
  3. assign all product imaged to category and sub category
  4. click product – all products
  5. hover over template product select EA duplicator
  6. edit title
  7. edit slug
  8. enter description and if showcase as well enter sort description
  9. enter SKU
  10. enter attributes, remember attributes value don’t exist can create value
  11. right side select product image
  12. right side select all gallery images
  13. remove tick from uncategorised, place a tick only in sub category, NO TICK in category
  14. if item is a showcase remove all ticks, place tick only in showcase


  1. hover over product, click EA duplicator
  2. edit product copy
  3. remove copy from title
  4. add underscore ‘show’ to SKU
  5. remove all ticks from all categories, add tick to showcase
  6. publish

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